The Theatre Needs An Art Director


Feb 23 2010

"I do feel the lack of the art director. He must come and realize the
policy of the theatre and not to come and make performances only",
– Stepan Davtyan the director of the Armenian national theatre after G.

Sundukyan, who mentioned that the theatre needs "an art director who
will have concrete functions."

According to S. Davtyan, the art director of the theatre "should
realize the policy of the theatre, organize festivals and tours,
create troops of actors and purchase new plays, etc."

"The art council cannot realize so many functions, it is a counseling
body, each month it reads this or that play and says yes either to
this or to that one", – the theatre director said.

According to S. Davtyan there is another problem there too. He
mentioned that the theatre "shouldn’t be called national in vain,
and it should be realized also by the government."

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