ARS to Hold Centennial Inaugural Event at Carnegie Hall

ARS to Hold Centennial Inaugural Event at Carnegie Hall

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By Weekly Staff – on February 20, 2010

WATERTOWN, Mass. – The Central Executive Board of the Armenian Relief
Society (ARS) announced that the first of the functions planned for
its centenary will take place on March 10 at Carnegie Hall in New York

`ARS entities, operating in 26 different countries around the world,
have been busy organizing functions to celebrate the 100th Anniversary
of the Armenian Relief Society. Similarly, the Society’s Central
Executive Board has planned several pan-Armenian functions, the first
one of which in New York, the birthplace of the ARS,’ explained ARS
chairperson Vicky Marashlian.

President of Carnegie Corporation Dr. Vartan Gregorian, noted
performer Alisa Nakashian-Holsberg, opera stars Yeghishe Manucharyan
(Tenor) and Victoria Avetisyan (Mezzo-Soprano) will participate in the
March 10 event. The event, with the president and CEO of Women’s World
Banking Mary Ellen Iskenderian as keynote speaker, will also include
the presentation ceremony of the ARS `Ararat’ award.

`We wish to take our centenary a step beyond mere celebration by
casting a critical eye on our 100-year history, in order to set our
next century of work on solid foundations befitting present and future
demands and conditions. We must do this from the vantage point of a
thorough analysis of our people’s needs, as well as our potential – and
that of Armenian women – in adapting and implementing an up-to-date
modus operandi. To this end, on the day following the Carnegie
function, on March 11, in New Jersey, we have scheduled a seminar with
the participation of prominent Armenian women holding responsible
positions in international organizations and in academia,’ said
The New York Centennial function will be attended by more than 200 ARS
members from the U.S., Canada, South America, France, Greece and
Lebanon, alongside many supporters of the Society.

Later in the year, centennial celebrations will include the second ARS
European Cruise in August, a pilgrimage to Der Zor and a seminar in
Aleppo in October, a series of functions in Armenia, the publication
of a volume depicting the century-long history of the ARS, and various

During 2010, all ARS regions, from the Americas to Australia, from
Europe to the Middle East and Nagorno Karabagh, will organize separate
events celebrating the centennial. Details of these events can be
obtained by visiting

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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