Latin Jazz Flutist Yulia Musayelyan Debuts With Intercontinental Sou

By Jean Belovic

Blue Music Group

F eb 19 2010

Armenian latin jazz flutist Yulia Musayelyan from Moscow, Russia,
improvises and grooves fluently on her debut album, Caminos. The album
features pianist Vardan Ovsepian, and an Argentinian rhythm section
from New York, Fernando Huergo on bass and Franco Pinna on drums.

Musayelyan’s original compositions are primarily of South American
character in rhythm, harmonically they suggest Russian and Eastern
European moods. She features traditionals from Armenia, which
work well for her as flutist. Musayelyan’s sound is beautiful and
classically trained, no trace of the "multi-reed syndrome" can be
detected as with so many jazz musicians these days. Her soloing is
straightforward, fairly simple and effective, not twisted by jazz
historical banalities. This is primarily a leader and flute solo
demonstration with interactive rhythm section participation, and for
a debut album, Caminos demonstrates promise and fresh expression.

Musayelyan is featured on several albums as sideman, those with
Marta Gomez, Fernando Huergo, Grupo Nuevo and Julio Santillán are
the most significant ones. An enjoyable introduction by a new artist
on the scene.

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