"To Ratify Beforehand Means To Surrender Completely"


Feb 18 2010

"The expressions expressing the initiative are usually mixed with
the concession. If Armenia concedes something beforehand we try
to present it as the best way to express the aggression", – told
Armen Rustamyan the Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Foreign
Relations, referring to the statements of the politicians who say that
"Armenia should ratify the protocols before Turkey would do it."

According to A. Rustamyan such kinds of statements "show that there
is no concept, we are making situational steps, and we do not hold
the situation." He believes that the only way to influence on the
situation is "leaving the process."

"The statements, on accelerating the ratification, mean complete
surrender, mean that you depend on the kindness of the international
community, the caprice of Turkey and there is no guarantee that after
the ratification Turkey will not point out all the issues which are
important for him", – A. Rustamyan stressed recalling the Turkish
statement in Zurich after the signing the Armenian – Turkish protocols.

According to the chairman it was clear beforehand what would be
written in that statement.