ACBA Leasing To Fund Energy Saving Technologies



ArmInfo.ACBA Leasing is expected to fund energy saving and
energy-efficient technologies, Arsen Bazikyan, Deputy Director, ACBA
Leasing, told ArmInfo. He said ACBA Leasing is currently negotiating
with a world-known company engaged in funding energy-saving projects.

"Presumably in mid 2010 we will become a partner of that company to
fund acquisition of modernized power saving technologies that preserve
ecological balance and saving fuel and electricity," A. Bazikyan said.

ACBA Leasing was found in 2003. Out of 4 leasing companies, ACBA
Leasing has leading positions in the market. The company’s strategy is
to ensure dynamic growth and extend the spectrum of leasing services.

ACBA Leasing is a universal leasing companies engaged in all the
economy sectors. Any type of equipment may become subject of leasing
transaction. The founder of the leasing company is ACBA-Credit Agricole
Bank, the holders of a 54% pct stake in the company.

ACBA-Leasing services are available also at all the 36 branches of
ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank in Yerevan (31) and in the regions (5).

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