ISTANBUL: Families of unsolved murder victims attend Dink’s hearing

Sunday’s Zaman, Turkey
Feb 14 2010

Families of unsolved murder victims attend Dink’s hearing

Photo: Family members of other victims of political murders protested
all political murders with slogans such as `We know the murderers’ and
`For Hrant, For Justice.’

The `deep family’ of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, who was
fatally shot by an ultranationalist teenager outside the Agos weekly
in 2007, was present on Monday during the 12th hearing of the Dink

`We are the `deep’ family of Hrant Dink,’ said Filiz Ali, daughter of
the great Turkish poet Sabahattin Ali, who was murdered in 1948 while
trying to flee the country after serving time in prison for insulting
`Hrant’s friends gave us permission today. We will speak instead of
them,’ she continued. By calling themselves the `deep family,’ the
Dink family’s supporters were making reference to the `deep state,’
which is believed to have played a role in Dink’s murder. Family
members of other victims of political murders have signed a statement
in support of the Dink family, including relatives of journalists UÄ?ur
Mumcu, Ã?etin Emeç, Metin Göktepe and Abdi Ä°pekçi; prosecutor DoÄ?an Ã-z;
Kurdish writers Ã`mit KaftancıoÄ?lu, Turan Dursun, Onat Kutlar and Musa
Anter; Confederation of Revolutionary Workers’ Unions (DÄ°SK) President
Kemal Türkler; folk singer Hasret Gültekin; poets Behçet Aysan, Nesimi
�imen and Metin Altıok; terror victims Yasemin Cebenoyan and Sevinç
Ã-zgüner; publisher Ä°lhan Erdost; academic Cavit Orhan Tütengil; and
Adana Police Chief Cevat Yurdakul.

The relatives of the victims demanded that no secrets remain, saying:
`We came here to say that we are following you. We do not believe that
any secret can be so important as to carry the burden of this
dishonor, this humiliation. We came here to express our hope that this
court, which will start the hearing in a few minutes, is powerful
enough to bring out all the secrets.’

`We came to share and bear witness to the injustice we have been
enduring for many years. We came to remind people how organized
political murders are covered up, which we have held in our memory
since the murder of Sabahattin Ali,’ Filiz Ali said.

14 February 2010, Sunday

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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