BAKU: US Lawmakers Violating Law By Attempt To Pass Resolutions On "

Feb 11 2010

Karahan Mete "Every year the US Congress and Senate try introducing
resolutions on the so called "armenian genocide".

I don’t think HR 252 (bill about recognition of "genocide") will pass.

Because this is a cash cow for some lawmakers and for Armenian
Diaspora" – said Karahan Mete, one of the leaders of Turkish Diaspora
in USA.

In response to those congressmen, who are preparing to discuss the HR
252 next month at US Congress, Mr. Mete mentioned that, this is not
first time US lawmaker pressing an "unethical, immoral, undemocratic
law or resolution":

"US lawmakers are passing or attempt to pass an alleged Armenian
genocide resolution are violating international law".

According to him, unfortunately, some of the Jewish organizations in
US are trying to bring the "armenian Genocide" phenomena at the same
level as the Holocaust:

"I don’t see any similarity between these two events except some

Mr. Mete also talked about the challenges of Turkish Diaspora in USA.

"Our problem is not with Armenians around world. Our problem is with
the Armenian Diaspora. We should distinguish Armenians that are part
of the Diaspora, from regular Armenian citizens. I am talking from my
experience. I would say that Armenian people are very nice and kind;
specially young and educated Armenians" – he added.

The member of Turkish Diaspora also complained about Turkish

"Unfortunately we are working with a handful of people to overcome
on this accusation ("Armenian Genocide"). This cannot generate the
result we desire. In order to get result that we desire, we should
educate our people. Educating Turkish citizens falls under government
jurisdiction. Unfortunately the Turkish government has no national plan
on how to deal with this issue. Past and present Turkish government
ran and keeps running to crisis after crisis like a fire truck. Our
opponents know that and keep starting fires many places to make
us overwhelmed".

As regards with Diaspora activities, Mr.Mete said that, they are not
doing enough.

"What we need to do and how we need to do it is key issue for solving
the problem. It will take hundreds of pages for me to layout this
strategy. A short explanation might cause some misunderstandings or
confusions; therefore I am reluctant elaborate".

According to him, the other question is why the US and other countries
are responding Armenian claims enthusiastically.

"Because the Turkish independence war is not over yet; Independence
war is continuing with different from. The new form of the war is
propaganda war, which we do not know how to fight. The "armenian
genocide" phenomena are a tool for some of this country to build
negative international public opinion against Turkey. When time comes
to invade and occupy and divide the Turkey they have already needed
public support to justify their action" – he answered.

He stressed that, therefore Turks need to see and analyze the Armenian
phenomena and other issues in a big context.

"We are charging individual issues like a bull charging a red cape.

Each time the bull charges the red cape he gets another spear in
his back, and eventually gets killed. Each time the bull charges
thinking that time is the time I will destroy the obstacle. That is
what the bullfighter wants him to do; he can stab him on and on until
he is dead. Unfortunately our strategy for dealing with international
problems is similar to this bull fight" -he mentioned.

In the meanwhile the meeting scheduled for today between the Secretary
of State Hillary Klinton and key figures of Armenian Diaspora was

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