Turkish Diplomat Will Express Dissatisfaction With Yerevan In Washin


01.02.2010 18:00 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ To prevent Armenia-Turkey rapprochement process
disruption, Ankara intends to send diplomats to US and Switzerland. As
NTV Turkish news channel reported citing diplomatic sources, the
diplomat will present Ankara’s concerns over RA Constitutional Court’s
ruling on rapprochement Protocols, urging US and Swiss authorities
to undertake steps to prevent process disruption.

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues working at legal
document, expressing Ankara’s concerns over RA CC ruling. The document
is to be addressed to Armenia, US, Russia, France and Switzerland.

The Protocols aimed at normalization of bilateral ties and opening of
the border between Armenia and Turkey were signed in Zurich by Armenian
Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet
Davutoglu on October 10, 2009, after a series of diplomatic talks
held through Swiss mediation.

On January 12, 2010, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of
Armenia found the protocols conformable to the country’s Organic Law.

Commenting on the CC ruling, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
said that "the decision contains preconditions and restrictive
provisions which impair the letter and spirit of the Protocols."

"The decision undermines the very reason for negotiating these
Protocols as well as their fundamental objective. This approach
cannot be accepted on our part. Turkey, in line with its accustomed
allegiance to its international commitments, maintains its adherence
to the primary provisions of these Protocols. We expect the same
allegiance from the Armenian Government," the Ministry said.

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