Big Surprise For Provokers

January 28, 2010

RA President Serzh Sargsyan’s congatulatory address on the occasion
of Armenian Army Day.

"Dear fellow Armenians, Generals, officials and soldiers, I warmly
congratulate you on the occasion of Armenian Army Day.

The creation and development of the Armenian Army was a historical
victory that became a reality right in front of the eyes of our
generation. We have paid a high price for the loss of statehood and
thus, the lack of an army since the Middle Age until 1915, Sumgait,
Kirovabad and Baku. The Armenian army is the dignity of the Armenian

It was that dignity that lifted Armenians from all walks of life and
particularly, the volunteers who had to become the foundation and
anchor for the future army. Many of the young soldiers put their
lives on the line for liberty and the Homeland. We glorify them,
bow our heads in front of them and respect their memory.

The Armenian Army was established through the fires, bloodshed and
tears of war and continues to develop and get stronger. Today, the
Armenian Army is the iron guarantee that secures our existence and
is a cold shower over the hot-tempered adventurists.

There cannot be any balance, peace and stability in the region
without a combative army. The role of our army is not only limited
to defending our country’s borders. The deepening international
integration presupposes new issues with different directions and
successful solutions.

Dear soldiers and officials, Besides being a state, pan-national
holiday, this day is also the day of your profession that could
truly be considered as a mission and a call to continue the march of
historical victories of the Armenian army with dignity.

Your main issue of concern is to protect the security of the Armenian
nation. With your high qualifications, perfect skills of handling
technical equipment, patriotism, courage and morality, you stand
reliably against any assault. Any provoker must wait to see serious
counter-attacks and huge surprises from the Armenian Army and to not
realize this is at least naïve.

Prevention of war is the greatest victory for any normal country that
respects the rights of people, nations and countries. You fulfill
this completely, in an honorable manner and enjoy the love, respect
and trust of the Armenian nation.

Once again, I congratulate you on the occasion of this glorious day and
wish peace in our country and region and that our people continue to
create and work peacefully for the strengthening and rise of Armenia.

Glory to the Armenian Army,

Long live the Republic of Armenia.

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