Will Karabakh Participate In The Negotiation?

Anna Nazaryan

26.01.2010 17:14

Armenia and Azerbaijan have two weeks to forward their proposals
regarding the uncoordinated parts of the agreement on Nagorno Karabakh.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters following the
trilateral meeting between the Presidents of Armenia, Russia and
Azerbaijan in the Krasnaya Polyana resort near Sochi that the parties
had reached an agreement on the preamble of the document.

"The talks were productive: concrete suggestions were considered and
presented to the Co-Chairs. There is a common understanding on the
preamble to the agreement on the Karabakh conflict."

Later the Russian Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Yuri Merzlyakov,
later noted the concrete timeframe, when the parties have to prepare
their tangible ideas of how to formulate the text where there is
no agreement.

The preamble of which document has been agreed upon? During the last
visit to the region the Minsk Group Co-Chairs presented the updated
Madrid Principles to the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Supposedly, the parties have come to an agreement on the preamble of
this very document.

The Armenian side made no comments after the meeting in Sochi.

However, one could judge from the expression on the faces of the
President and the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan that they were out
of spirits and anxious.

Later, when the Presidents arrived at the Adler airport to meet the
Minsk Group Co-Chairs, Ilham Aliyev didn’t event greet the reporters,
which could be vied as another demonstration of his irritation.

Returning to the preamble, it’s worth mentioning that according to
some sources, it envisages the participation of the Karabakhi side in
the negotiations and views the nations’ right to self-determination
as a priority in the conflict settlement process.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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