RPA: Armenia will never give up Claims or Accept Kars Treaty

RPA faction member Gagik Melikian: Armenia will never give up Western
Armenian territories and Genocide recognition process and will not
accept Treaty of Kars

YEREVAN, JANUARY 22, NOYAN TAPAN. Following the publication of the RA
Constitutional Court’s decision on Armenia-Turkey protocols, some
Armenian political figures are trying to pretend to be innocent before
Turkey by saying that it was a domestic decision and will not affect
relations between the two countries. Member of the "ARFD" faction of
the RA National Assembly Artsvik Minasian made this remark during the
January 22 debate. In his words, such behavior of these persons
minimizes the importance and force of the Constitutional Court’s
decision. "If we continue in the same spirit and not demand mandatory
execution of the CC decision from our state bodies, then naturally,
the Turks will stop the clamor they have raised and they will ratify
the protocols after a short delay," A. Minasian predicted.

In the opinion of member of "Republican Party of Armenia" faction
Gagik Melikian, the CC decision had the effect of a cold shower on the
Turks trying to use a language of preconditions with the Armenian
authorities. He said that Armenian officials have repeatedly stated
that the aim of the protocols is to establish diplomatic relations and
open the border, which was affirmed by the Constitutional Court as

Besides, according to G. Melikian, no country has so far agreed with
Turkey’s claim that Armenian-Turkish relations are linked with the
Karabakh problem. "Turkey will not succeed in linking these two issues
together, and it will be compelled to ratify the protocols, just as it
was compelled to sign them," the NA deputy said. He assured those
present that the Republic of Armenia will never give up Western
Armenia’s territories and the Armenian Genocide recognition process
and will not accept the Treaty of Kars.

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