Obama: One Year Of Presidency


Jan 20 2010

It is one year already that the US President Barak Obama took the
oath of office. Exactly one year ago America voted for the first black
president of the country who before was the senator of state Illinois.

The promises of the President were too many; to stop the war in Iraq,
to improve the health and taxing systems… Obama had given promises
to the Armenian communities in America as well for which he received
the votes of the American – Armenians. He had promised to recognize the
Armenian Genocide realized by the Ottoman Turkey in 1915. But on April
24, 2009 in his annual speech directed to the Armenians in the whole
world the US President Obama didn’t pronounce the term "Genocide",
and replaced it with the Armenian synonymous word "Mets Yeghern".

One of the US President’s biggest issues was and is the war in
Afghanistan. In 2009 in spring Barak Obama sent 21 thousand soldiers
to that country, and on December of the same year he sent 30 thousand.

The presidency of Obama symbolized "the recharging" of the Russian
Federation and Muslim world’s relations, expectations for new kind
of relations.

In 2009 Barak Obama received the Nobel Prize of Peace which raised
bewilderment with some analysts and experts.

It should be mentioned also that Obama has the 63% of trust of the
American population.

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