AAE: Turkey Should Reconsider Its Past Before Becoming An EU Member


20.01.2010 11:55

The Assembly of Armenians of Europe issued the following statement
on the third anniversary of the assassination of Hrant Dink:

"On the occasion of the third anniversary of the assassination of
the Armenian intellectual Hrant Dink committed by Turkish extremists
and the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the Assembly of
Armenians of Europe (AAE) expresses its gratitude to the international
public opinion, in particular to the European countries, organizations
and political parties that condoled and supported the Armenian Cause.

The assassination of Hrant Dink, editor-in-chief of the newspaper
"Agos" published in Istanbul, committed by a Turk extremist on January
19, 2007 in front of the editorial office, was not a simple accident.

Hrant Dink was a fervent fighter for human rights and was repeatedly
condemned for having broken the discreditable low No 301 regarding
the "offense to the Turkish nation". This proves that nationalism is
stimulated and encouraged by the Turkish state itself on a daily basis.

Turkey desires to become a European country and a member to the
European Union and continuously promises to undertake positive and
effective measures in order to acquire the European standards and

Turkey dares to blame the European Union for being a "Christian Club",
while violent persecutions towards Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks and
other nationalities go on in Turkey itself. Recently the Ecumenical
patriarch declared, that the "Christian minorities are crucified like
Christ in Turkey".

By blaming the European Union for being a "Christian Club", Turkey
tries to overpass the real problem, which is the understanding and the
application of human values, which are universal and do not depend
on any ideology, religion or belief. Otherwise Turkey would never
persecute millions of Kurdish Muslim population and Turkey would not
annul a legal political party with many representatives in the Turkish
Parliament. This comes to prove once more, that the discrimination and
the violation of democratic rights are beyond religions and believes.

It is also worth to mention the strained relations between Turkey and
its neighbours. Turkey does its best to show that it tries to regulate
the relations with the neighbours and settle all the problems, there
seems to be a dead end.

The violations of maritime and aerial frontiers of Greece take place
every day and even during the holidays, the occupation of Cyprus,
continues since 1974, but he most ridiculous behaviour of Turkey
concerns Armenia.

Turkey continuously refuses to recognize the Armenian Genocide, and
more, it breaks the international low by blockading Armenia, which
has no access to the sea. Recently, under international patronage,
Turkey signed an agreement with Armenia, but later on, the president
and the prime minister of Turkey, declared that the ratification of
the said agreement depends on some unexpected preconditions. Such
an unprincipled and irresponsible approach is dangerous not only for
its neighbours or Europe, but also for the Turkish people.

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the assassination of
Hrant Dink, the AAE expresses its condolences to the family of the
victim as well as thanks the persons and organisations in Turkey,
which fight for democracy in their country and condemn the genocide
committed against the Armenians.

The AAE supports all the European organizations and countries, that
maintain that democratization of Turkey is a precondition for its
admittance as a member of EU.

Before becoming a member to the European Union, Turkey should
reconsider its past, and then make practical measures for improving
its system of values."

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