BAKU: Armenian-Captured Azerbaijani Citizen’s Son: "My Father Talked


Jan 19 2010

Baku. Kamala Guliyeva – APA. Armenian-captured Azerbaijani citizen
Eldar Tagiyev’s family thinks that he was interviewed by Armenian
Public Television under pressure.

His son Elmar Tagiyev told APA that their social condition is not
hard. "My father told Armenian television as if he was jobless in
Azerbaijan, lived in poor condition and faced with water problem to
keep a farm. But he never worked in agriculture and we had not water
problems because we are living in the bank of river".

Tagiyev said that his father couldn’t think not to return to
Azerbaijan. "He had secondary education. He couldn’t use such phrases.

We think my father was under pressure when he said that didn’t want
to return home and planned to go to the third country".

Eldar Tagiyev was taken hostage by Armenians when he was under fire
as a result of ceasefire violation by Armenians at about 18.00 on
December 28, 2009 near the line of contact in direction of Alibeyli
village of Tovuz region.

Tagiyev was interviewed by the Armenian Public Television. News
Armenia agency reports that Tagiyev said he didn’t intend to return
to Azerbaijan and would like to move to third country if Armenian
government wouldn’t allow him to be there. He said he would like to
inform his family about his plans.

Tagiyev said he was unemployed and lived in poor conditions and
couldn’t keep a farm because of water problem.

Eldar Tagiyev said earlier Armenia supplied his hometown – Alibeyli
village of Tovuz region with water.

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