Turkish Contributor Dismissed For Denying Armenian Genocide


2010-01-15 14:04:00

ArmInfo. A Turkish contributor to one of the Dutch news websites
was dismissed for denying the Armenian Genocide and not apologizing,
reported the Turkish Hurriyet newspaper.

Armand Sag, the Turkish contributor to the Dutch De Dagelijksestandaard
news website wrote an article entitled "Turks never committed Armenian
genocide." Sag said that the article evoked numerous responses from
Armenians, who called to the editor. The editor demanded that he
offer apologies to Armenians. After the Turkish journalist refused,
he was dismissed. Sag says he was aware of the Armenian Diaspora’s
influence, but he did not expect it to be so serious. "Twelve thousand
Armenians and but 450,000 Turks are living in Holland. I am sorry,
but the Turkish community did not give me sufficient support and I
remained alone," Sag said with regret.

Genocide of Armenians has been recognized by Uruguay, Russia, France,
Lithuania, the Lower Chamber of Italian Parliament, the majority of
American States, the Greek, Cyprian, Argentinean, Belgian Parliaments,
the Parliament of Wales, the National Council of Switzerland, the
House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament and Polish Seim. Turkey
denies the genocide of 1,5 million Armenians in 1915-1923.

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