No success in economic sector: Arman Melikyan, Armenia
Jan 6 2010

No success in economic sector: Arman Melikyan

16:01 / 01/06/2010 The most significant achievement of 2009 is a
certain traffic regulation," former Nagorno-Karabakh Foreign Minister
Arman Melikyan told

`It is important as authorities finally might realize that average
Armenian citizen needs legality and is ready to become a law-abiding
person at once,’ Melikyan said, underlining that average citizens take
their lead from officials. `If a judge, prosecutor, taxman, customs
officer take no bribes and work in accordance with law, citizens in
their turn will take the lead and give no bribes,’ Melikyan stated.

Apart of it, 2009 was a year when negative occurrences deepened.
`Unfortunately, no success was registered in economic sector, crisis
was observed in the domestic policy as well. The authorities try to
show that everything is well and we live in paradise. However,
opposition stated there is nothing but crisis. I think everything
depends on us, if we refuse extremes, we will be capable of overcoming
all obstacles. It is not mere optimism,’ Melikyan concluded.


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