Protocols will be approved in Turkey in near months: Expert, Armenia
Jan 2 2010

Protocols will be approved in Turkey in near months: Expert

15:06 / 01/02/20102009 is marked by turning point in Armenia-Turkey
relations that had huge impact on foreign political and domestic
developments of Armenia, the Chairman of Analytical Center on
Globalization and Regional Cooperation Stepan Grigoryan told
According to him, Azerbaijan’s reaction to Armenia-Turkey Protocols
and entailed warlike statements by Azerbaijani officials also impacted
foreign policy.

Forecasting the coming year developments, Grigoryan stated that
international community made an attempt to intensify the Karabakh
peace process and dictate signing of the framework agreement that with
no specifics. The expert underlined that any comprehensive settlement
of Karabakh issue, for instance on the matter of security zone around
Karabakh will dramatically destabilize domestic political situation in
Armenia. `If a framework agreement like Madrid Principles is signed,
the situation will not aggravate, but if the document mentions the
territories controlled by Armenian side, the situation escalation in
Armenia is inevitable,’ the expert said.

As to Armenia-Turkey relations and possible ratification of the
Protocols, the expert considers that documents will be approved by
Turkish Parliament in the months ahead.


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