BAKU: Azerbaijan should recognize PKK as a terrorist organization, Azerbaijan
Dec 26 2009

Azerbaijan should recognize PKK as a terrorist organization
Sat 26 December 2009 | 07:59 GMT Text size:

Jamil Hasanli News.Az interviews Azeri Parliament deputy Jamil Hasanli.

You have proposed an initiative to recognize the Kurdish PKK party as
a terrorist organization in Milli Medjlis. Why do you consider it
necessary to raise this issue now?

This initiative has repeatedly been proposed in the Azerbaijani
parliament. Different deputies in Milli Medjlis including me have
repeatedly raised this issue.

I think PKK has already become a force posing a serious threat to
Turkey and its large region. Two deputies of the Turkish parliament
have been deprived of mandates for supporting PKK. We also have
sufficient facts proving cooperation between PKK and Armenian
terrorist organizations. Also we have facts of Armenia’s support to
PKK. Moreover, the parliaments of most countries, especially of
European countries recognized PKK as a terrorist organization.
Therefore, I consider that there is a need to take similar steps.

Meanwhile, the Turkish authorities managed to neutralize the activity
of this structure significantly by initiating dialogue with the
Kurdish leaders. Can this structure be merely dismissed?

PKK is acting in unofficial form therefore, its dismissal is
impossible. This is a terrorist organizations that commits terror
actions in the Southeast of Turkey. It has turned into a serious
source of concern for Ankara. Turkey is our friendly and fraternal
country. We have sustained passed through different processes with
Turkey which is the only country in the world that takes our problems
as its own. The investigation of the Azerbaijani side revealed
definite plans of PKK against our country. In these conditions, I
think the recognition of PKK as a terrorist organizations would meet
the national interests of Azerbaijan.

What is the direct threat of PKK to Azerbaijan?

The direct threat of this organization is that it is Armenia’s ally. I
think there cannot be a greater threat to us. PKK members train in
Armenia, supplied with arms by Armenia and there are facts of
dislocation of PKK members in the occupied Azerbaijani lands. Isn’t it
a threat to Azerbaijan?

How will Azerbaijan benefit from recognizing PKK as a terrorist organizations?

When we take some steps, we should primarily base on international
law. If Azerbaijan recognizes PKK as a terrorist organizations, it
will not be the first to do it. The United States and several European
countries have already recognized it as a terrorist organization. A
greater part of the countries that respect human rights, democracy and
international law, already consider PKK as a terrorist organization.
This is one side of the question. Second, PKK poses a threat to
territorial integrity and sovereignty of our fraternal country. By
recognizing it as a terrorist organizations, we will further
strengthen Turkish-Azerbaijani friendship and brotherhood in practice.

Do you consider the threat of Kurdish terror may deteriorate in
Azerbaijan like in Turkey today?

Kurds in Azerbaijan are the citizens of our country and there are no
problems with them. Kurds live in Turkey, Syria and Iran but it does
not mean that all of them are PKK members. Kurdish parties in Iran
even take significant positions in governing the country. Position
against PKK is not a position against Kurds. There are Kurds in
Azerbaijan and they are Azerbaijani citizens and take the single
position and act together in the development of Azerbaijan, settlement
of its problems, protection of the country and its borders. Azerbaijan
is a homeland to all who live here including to Kurds.


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