Movement For International Recognition Of Armenian Genocide Needs Ne


2009-12-25 15:12:00

ArmInfo. Movement for international recognition of Armenian Genocide
needs new impetus, Armen Rustamyan, representative of ARFD Supreme
Body, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Foreign Affairs,
told media on Friday.

"I have recently returned from the USA where I had meetings with the
congressmen and Philip Gordon, Assistant Secretary for European and
Eurasian Affairs, and informed them of our stance i.e. Armenian-
Turkish negotiations must not hinder international recognition of
Armenian Genocide or depend on the Protocols on normalization of the
Armenian-Turkish relations," he said.

The recognition of Armenian Genocide by the US Congress will become
the best evidence of understanding of the Armenian stance by the USA,
especially when there are all the prerequisites for that, specifically
understanding of Armenia’s viewpoint.

With recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the USA two problems will
be settled: it will become clear that recognition of the Genocide
is not an anti-Turkish campaign and it will help preventing future
genocides. In this context, already in early 2010 the US House
Committee on Foreign Affairs will intensify discussing of the H.Res
252 on the Armenian Genocide.

Submitted to the House on March 17 2009 the Resolution has already
been supported by 135 congressmen. A similar resolution 316 submitted
to the Senate has 10 supporters.

Genocide of Armenians has been recognized by Uruguay, Russia, France,
Lithuania, the Lower Chamber of Italian Parliament, the majority of
American States, the Greek, Cyprian, Argentinean, Belgian Parliaments,
the Parliament of Wales, the National Council of Switzerland, the
House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament and Polish Seim. Turkey
denies the genocide of 1,5 million Armenians in 1915-1923.

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