ARF Youth Leadership Conference Convenes In Yerevan


Dec 22nd, 2009

AYF-WR Executive Director Serouj Aprahamian (2nd from left) at a
press conference in Yerevan breifing the media on the ARF leadership

YEREVAN-At a press conference Tuesday, leaders from youth organizations
of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation outlined their collective
approach regarding challenges facing the Armenian people as concluded
during a weekend-long leadership conference.

Some 49 members representing ARF youth organizations from around
the world, including the Armenian Youth Federation of the Western
US, participated in the summit, which addressed the role of the
Armenian youth in the current political climate, as well as efforts
to strengthen Diaspora-Armenia relations.

At Wednesday’s press briefing ARF Youth Organization of Armenia
representative Artur Ghazaryan announced that the leadership conference
unanimously concluded that the Armenia-Turkey protocols posed critical
dangers for the Armenian nation and demanded an immediate end to
the process.

The conference also concluded that the only alternative to the
international recognition of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is its
reunification with Armenia. The conference also condemned the Georgian
authorities for the ill-treatment of its citizens of Armenian origin,
especially the government-initiated obstacles placed on the population
of Javakhk.

As for immediate plans, Ghazaryan said the conference concluded that
Armenian youth and the entire Armenian nation must unite on January
11 to express its opposition to the protocols, which are headed for
review by Armenia’s Constitutional Court on January 12.

Ghazaryan said that after lengthy discussion and analysis, the
conference concluded that thus far relations between youth in Armenia
and Diaspora have been superficial, at best. The conference reaffirmed
its commitment to strengthening those ties and adopted a plan of
action to be set forth immediately.

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