Turkey Should Help Azerbaijan Protest At US Congress Aid To Karabakh


Wed 16 December 2009 | 13:27 GMT

Canan Aritman Turkey should help Azerbaijan protest at the US Congress
decision to allocate $8m in aid to Nagorno-Karabakh, opposition MP
Canan Aritman has said.

"It’s a great pity that the US Congress treats Azerbaijan so unfairly.

They cannot assist the separatist, criminal regime of Nagorno Karabakh,
it is inadmissible," Canan Aritman of the Republican People’s Party
(CHP) told 1news.az.

"Where are their democracy and human rights protection that they
boast about?" Aritman said. "Hundreds of thousands of people have been
living in unbearable conditions for 20 years at a time when they are
going to help terrorists and separatists.

"I, as a deputy of the Turkish parliament, condemn such actions of the
US Congress. I think that Azerbaijan should not express its outrage
alone. Turkey must support it. We should join efforts to make Congress
disavow their assistance to the Armenian separatists."

Aritman said that the chances of the Turkish parliament ratifying
the Armenian-Turkish protocols on rapprochement were declining.

"You see what’s happening to Turkey. The initiatives of the government
about the democratic settlement of the Kurdish problem have failed,
civil chaos can be seen here. I do not think that the ruling party
will dare to submit these protocols for consideration in parliament.

But I think before April they will make another attempt to submit them
for consideration in parliament. The representatives of the ruling
party also understand that it will be difficult to impose them on
parliament without progress in the Karabakh settlement."

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