Stepan Safaryan: Turkey Will Not Betray Azerbaijan


"The time and every single day of having relations with Turkey
proves to the Armenian authorities their own problems", – said
Stepan Safaryan touching upon the Armenian Turkish and Armenian –
Azerbaijani relations.

"As the Artsakh conflict is not solved yet there can’t be any
progress recorded in the Armenian – Turkish relations. This is what
the international analysts say", – Stepan Safratyan said.

According to him by the regulation of the Armenian – Turkish relations
they aimed at to pass the pressures on the border but they again
return to the Karabakh issue: "Turkey will not refuse his statements
in one day. There is also the factor of Azerbaijan which plays a big
role and everyone is waiting that the interests of Azerbaijan will
be satisfied, otherwise Azerbaijan will endanger the process."

Safaryan has the viewpoint that it doesn’t matter how long they will
announce that Azerbaijan has small role in the region, Turkey will
not try to regulate his relations with Armenia without taking into
consideration the factor of Azerbaijan. The speaker even foretold
the cessation of the Armenian – Turkish relations in case of not
satisfying the interests of Azerbaijan.

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