Turkey Is At Risk Of Division: Devlet Bahceli


News from Armenia – NEWS.am
13:27 / 12/14/2009

"Turkey became a country that followed Greeks in Cyprus, Barzani
[Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud] in Iraq, and Armenians in the Caucasus.

It gave Iraqi Turkmens a cold shoulder and made Azerbaijani brothers
upset. It also forgot our brothers in the Balkans," Hurriyet Daily
quotes the chairman of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Devlet Bahceli.

The source informs that at the Ankara meeting organized by MHP,
Bahceli reckoning Turkey is at risk of division. "Our country is now
facing much bigger and more important threats and risks," he stated.

The MHP leader directly addressed Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan,
saying, "As a prime minister, you are responsible for the safety of
the country. You don’t have the responsibility for those bloody-handed
terrorists but for innocent victims among our people.

Give up the destruction of this so-called initiative. You have
damaged our national values too much over the last seven years. You
encouraged those betrayers by asserting their ‘being from Turkey
and Turkish.’ You’ve invited the [terrorists] to negotiate at the
table and cooperated with Ymraly [the island where terrorist leader
Abdullah Ocalan is imprisoned]."

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