Tigran Sargsyan: "Human Rights Protection Is A Basic Necessity"


Thursday, 10 December 2009

RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan participated in a round table
referred to as "Human rights protection in Armenia: achievements
and threats," organized in connection with the International Human
Rights Day.

Addressing those present, the Prime Minister stated in part: "States
must carry out progressive actions and programs so that mankind
comes to understand the essence of human rights through education
and a corresponding environment. The set of fundamental values as
specified in the UN General Assembly Human Rights Charter should form
the essence of each of us providing a vital medium like air and water.

Modern societies cannot develop without the respect of human rights.

Life makes no sense without freedom. Our duty is to ensure free
exercise of constitutional rights by any Armenian national considering
all the provisions of Article 30 of the UN Human Rights Charter are
reflected in the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia.

In this context, the head of government highlighted the Council of
Europe-hosted "The future of democracy" forum to be held in Armenia
next year. He also spoke about the human rights-related "European Union
– Armenia" new cooperation framework under the European Neighborhood
Policy and Eastern Partnership programs emphasizing that "actions
like that convey important signals to our society and our citizens."

"Through the medium of education and knowledge, we will be able to
promote respect of human rights in the Republic of Armenia so that
they become a vital necessity to all of us," concluded Tigran Sargsyan
and wished fruitful work to the round table.
From: Baghdasarian