Serzh Sargsyan And Valdis Zatlers Are Sure That Armenian-Latvian Bus


Dec 11, 2009

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 11, ARMENPRESS: Armenian-Latvian business forum
opened today in Yerevan with the participation of Armenian President
Serzh Sargsyan, Latvian President Valdis Zatlers, representatives
of the governments of the two countries, businessmen. More than 60
businessmen from Latvia representing different spheres – construction,
wood-processing, environment, pharmaceutics, energy, transport, IT,
machine-building – participated from Latvia.

Welcoming the participants of the forum, Serzh Sargsyan noted that
it is a good opportunity to deepen the cooperation between the two
countries. The president noted that it is notable that Latvia is
interested in the process of deepening of relations not only in
political but in economic direction as well.

"During the recent two days, together with V. Zatlers we discussed
a number of important issues on development of Armenian-Latvian
relations, including mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation in
the economic sphere," S. Sargsyan said. In spite of the decrease of
the tempo of growth of the volume of trade turnover between the two
countries, agreed with the economic crisis, the president expressed
assurance that all the opportunities exist for ensuring further

S. Sargsyan expressed hope that during the conference the businessmen
will find edges of cooperation and make mutually beneficial
deals. According to him, all that will help the two countries to
acquire new markets for overcoming the consequences of the economic
crisis, implement joint programs in production, agricultural, service
spheres, banking system. "Another sphere of cooperation is tourism. Our
countries were traditionally tourism routes for each other, and I
am sure that this tradition may and must be restored. Taking into
consideration the air communication agreement signed yesterday, it is
quite possible that regular flights between our capitals be organized,
which, undoubtedly, will promote the increase of tourism flow,"
Serzh Sargsyan said. The president also highlighted the cooperation
in the investment sphere, noting that quite favorable conditions are
created for making investments in Armenia.

"The two countries have necessary potential. I have no doubt that
this forum will have its contribution to bringing to life new ideas,
implementation of programs. Our economic relations have good future,"
Serzh Sargsyan said.

V. Zatlers noted that members of the Latvian delegation arrived
to Armenia with great readiness, they are interested in the
Armenian market. According to the Latvian president, in spite of the
circumstance that the two countries are far from each other they have
many common edges for cooperation. He underscored the cooperation of
the two countries especially in the crisis conditions, noting that it
is necessary to help each other to get out of the difficult situation.

"In the crisis situation we must mobilize our opportunities and
overcome the created issues. Our potential is not used fully, this
conference will give an opportunity to point new ways of cooperation.

The two countries have much to learn from each other," Zatlers said.

The president expressed hope that soon the number of joint programs,
and joint ventures will increase and in near future notable results
will be registered.

Armenian Economy Minister Nerses Yeritsyan noted that Latvia can
help Armenia to enter European market, and Armenia may be a bridge
for Latvia in entering the Middle East market. Yeritsyan highlighted
the cooperation between the two countries in Information Technology
sphere, noting that Latvia has serious achievements in it.

Latvian Economy Minister Artis Kampars said that in conditions of
crisis special attention must be paid to export, realization of
banking system, creation of favorable conditions for businessmen.

According to him, Armenia and Latvia may help each other not only in
getting out of the crisis, but also develop economies.

Director of the Armenian Development Agency Robert Harutyunyan noted
that the volume of trade turnover between the two countries in 2008
reached 11 million 283,000 USD, of which the export made 1 million

"In conditions of crisis every country searches new markets, in
this respect we present interest for Latvia, and Latvia presents
interest for us. Latvia may be a window to European market for us,"
R. Harutyunyan said.