RA MOD: The Recurrent Manifestation Of Self-Deception In Azerbaijan


11.12.2009 18:25

The head of the press service of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan
has recently come up with a number of announcements, where he has
disseminated the recurrent lie about the population of the Republic
of Armenia, the recruitment to the Armed Forces and about frontier

The information, that Armenia has lack of human resource and is unable
to raise certain sub-units, is very far from being true. In this regard
the RA Ministry of Defence announces – the autumn roll-call advances
according to the schedule and about 70% of the troop recruitment has
already been realized.

As for the frontier incidents, it is worth mentioning, that the
announcement of the head of the press service of the Ministry of
Defence of Azerbaijan E. Sabiroghli, that the Armenian side has had
twice more losses than the Azerbaijani side, is also a misinformation:
during the last three months two Armenian soldiers were wounded,
because the Azerbaijani side broke the ceasefire.

It is more than obscure that the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan
should come to such a conclusion, while it has never announced
the number of victims and the wounded both from Armenian and from
Azerbaijani side. In this regard the Azerbaijani media themselves have
expressed their doubt. It is noteworthy, that this "sabiroghlian"
self-deception has been disseminated only in Russian, thus it bears
a propagandistic nature and is mostly intended for its compatriots.

It is also worth reminding, that the information disseminated by
the press service of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan is the
imitation of the "guideline" ideas from the speech of the president
of Azerbaijan Aliev, made on the 17th of November, 2009.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense underlines once again that the RA
and NKR Armed Forces have high battle readiness and the necessary
armaments for giving appropriate counterblow to any encroachment.