Political Improvidence And Apathy Of Armenian Diplomacy Arouses Indi


News from Armenia – NEWS.am
12:08 / 12/11/2009

In the course of his last meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama,
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan baldly indicated that
Ankara’s position on Armenia-Turkey reconciliation remains unchanged.

It should be directly linked with the developments in Karabakh peace
process, Diario Armenia reads.

The daily underlines that Erdogan reaffirmed Turkey’s position
immediately after the meeting with Barack Obama.

"In this connection we would like to point out that Turkey takes any
chance to voice its claims, whereas Armenian diplomacy is inactive,
authorities prefer to stay low profile and watch the developments.

Several days ago, RA President Serzh Sargsyan made a slack warning to
Turkey on freezing of reconciliation. However, political improvidence
and apathy of Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan arouses indignation.

Erdogan regained victory, this time in U.S., thus confirming that
calls and warnings by Diaspora are not groundless. Armenian side
should have reacted imminently, however it did not happen. Both
Davutoglu and Erdogan not only twist around and see the prospects
of Armenia-Turkey relations from their viewpoint, but also seek to
sow discord between Armenia and Diaspora, claiming that the latter
should not interfere into the process. But even to this indiscretion
Armenian authorities failed to respond. Nalbandyan can and must
use all diplomatic techniques at his disposal as his opponents do,
including Diaspora institutions," Diario Armenia says.