Parliament Members Evaluate The Running Year


Dec 11, 2009

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 11, ARMENPRESS: The running year has been
distinguished by a number of significant events; the Public Council
was formed, for the first time an election of the Yerevan Council of
Elders was conducted, as a result of inner-political rearrangements
ARF came out of the political coalition, Parliament Member Artak
Zakaryan representing ARF faction stated today at the parliamentary
briefings attaching importance that the state’s economy, nevertheless,
resisted the difficulties of the economic crisis, and in 2010 a
progress is expected.

Member of Armenian Republican Party Hovhannes Sahakyan positively
assesses the steps directed toward the regulation of Armenian-Turkish
relations and the signed protocols. According to him, the 6 meeting
of the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents inspire hope that there
are basis for progress in Karabakh negotiations as well.

Representative of Orinats Yerkir Party Khachik Harutyunyan considered
the running year unprecedented, as in spite of the difficulties
resulted from the global financial-economic crisis, the state has
been able to avoid social shakes, and all the social expenses have
been maintained.

According to member of Prosperous Armenia Party Naira Zohrabyan,
the faction has voted for the draft budget, as a number of issues
presenting importance for this political force have been taken
into consideration; the defense expenses and the support extended to
Artsakh have been added, all the social expenses have been maintained,
and the state budget is focused on the development of the country’s
economy. According to Head of ARF faction Vahan Hovhannisyan, 2010
state budget is risky; it is not well-provided and can enlarge the
barrier between the rich and poor people even more.

In answer to the question of a journalist what kind of steps are to be
undertaken in the country in the direction of eliminating "oligopoly",
A. Zakaryan is of opinion that the reforms of the second generation
proclaimed by the Armenian president aim to work out such economic
models, which will allow to avoid similar undesirable phenomenon in
public life and in the sphere of government.

Member of "Heritage" party Anahit Bashkhyan is confident that in case
of displaying a political will it will be possible to give solutions
to all the issues, as it was done in the simple examples of fastening
seat-belts and crossing the streets at proper places.

"Heritage" draws the attention of the coalition to problems,
rough mistakes expecting that they will be corrected. Secretary
of the faction Larissa Alaverdyan proposes to compulsorily involve
representatives of the opposite forces in oversight bodies in order
the works are arranged in a more efficient way and the problems are
wholly disclosed, as by self-criticism we can solve no problem.

In the fighting against "oligopoly" "Rule of Law" party proposes to
select the law as a tool, and not the "bayonet". According to Kh.

Harutyunyan, it is necessary to strengthen the middle class of society
by means of working out new mechanisms in economy; in case the tax
payments of the businessmen of small and medium-sized enterprises are
extensive and notable, the authority of oligarchs will not play a role.

V. Hovhannisyan is of opinion that "oligopoly" is a conditional name,
the speech is about unequal possibilities, and for fighting against it
we do not need new laws, a political will is only necessary to display.