Nalbandyan Changed


Interview with Andranik Babakhanyan

On these days, your corrections of the English-Armenian translation
of the 3rd and 5th chapters of the Armenia-Turkey protocols were
published in the press.

Since the normalization of the Armenian and Turkish relations just from
the beginning was secret, it created grounds to think that something
was wrong there. And when the protocols were published on the foreign
ministry site, I tried to compare the most vulnerable 3rd and 5th
chapters. As a result, I found out that, as usual, they deceived
people. To deceive people by wrong translation contradicts the Article
2 of the Constitution in accordance with which power belongs to people.

I have to note that the minister Nalbandyan have twice changed
the translated text of the protocols. And I have to say that it
is senseless to do something here because before the Armenia-Turkey
relations we had already sold the presidential duties for 5000 dram and
now we witness how Armenia is being sold and everything is presented
as good will, as if we need the border opening. It is a lie.

The biggest lie. In reality, we do not need it. It needs Russia.

The whole Europe has no closed border.

The point is who closed the border. We did not do that. But as we
can see they impose preconditions. It is ridiculous. How can they
dispute the fact of genocide? How can the Karabakh issue be solved
in one package at the same time connecting it with the frontier
opening? The Karabakh issue came out to be solved for the sake of the
border opening. To preserve the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan
means to yield the released areas.

One thing is sure and transparent: the country’s president deceives
people. I have never expected anything else from him.

You say the country’s president deceives everyone. Why does no one

Everyone would be for this process, if everything was without
preconditions. Sometimes, I am terrified when thinking that to see
Mount Ararat people will not come in Armenia but will go to Turkey.

In your opinion, do we open the border at the price of yielding

Please, do not say, "we open the border", say, "the president sells
out our country". The country is overwhelmed with Iranian people now,
after it will be full of Turkish people. We give not only Karabakh
but also Armenia. We did not need the border opening, I think neither
the Turks did.

Is our parliament possible not to ratify the protocols after comparing
the translations and the mistakes they contain?

We do not have to forget that all that was done with their direct
participation, many of them know English better than I do, and
consequently they know about the mistakes too. Besides, I have
presented the results of my study to several parties, including the
Heritage and the ARF, but they did not answer or just deceived me
calling me to the National Assembly they did not come.

Anyway, selling Armenia is a big plan which the authorities fulfill
with pleasure. For example, Edik Nalbandyan waited for several hours
before he signed the protocols. I think he felt remorse, but in the
end, he signed.

Is there any way out from the current situation?

Yes, the only solution is the change of government. But to be sincere,
I do not see anyone who can come and not to make mistakes. This is a
serious process initiated by the superpowers – U.S. and Russia. And
none of them is interested what will remain from Armenia and whether
something will remain or not.