Manoyan: Armenia should leave "football diplomacy" process today

According to Giro Manoyan, Armenia should leave "football diplomacy"
process just today

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 10, NOYAN TAPAN. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
Erdogan’s meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama was efficient for
the Turks and met their interests. Giro Manoyan, Head of ARFD Hay Dat
(Armenian Cause) Yerevan Office, made such an observation at a
December 10 press conference. In his words, the fact that B. Obama
praised Turkey’s policy and R. Erdogan again spoke about the necessity
of a progress in the Nagorno Karabakh issue is evidence that Turkey
this time also managed to make its view acceptable for the U.S.

According to G. Manoyan, in consideration that Turkey continues
conditioning its relations with Armenia by the Nagorno Karabakh
settlement the RA authorities should declare the failure of the
Armenian-Turkish negotiations just today. The ARFD figure added that
unless Armenia just today leaves the process called "football
diplomacy," it will be difficult to stop the process later.

G. Manoyan also mentioned that to prevent ratification of the
Armenian-Turkish protocols in the RA National Assembly the ARFD
faction members will work with the majority trying to influence their
position. "The issue of the protocols should be of no less
significance for them than the package of tax amendments to which they
opposed," G. Manoyan said. As to the Constitutional Court, according
to him, there is no necessity of mass actions to influence that
instance. "CC should make a decision on the basis of the law and not
on the circumstance that 100 thousand people hold an action of
protest," G. Manoyan concluded.