Aliyev’s Dynasty Regime Searches For Counterparts In Armenia


2009-12-11 15:42:00

ArmInfo. "I do not exclude that Serzh Sargsyan will resign from
president’s post, but will return to his post after Tigran Sargsyan,
the current Prime Minister and acting Armenian president once Sargsyan
resigns, initiates the company of "people’s prayers" for the return
of the current head of the Armenian state "to reign", says Mubariz
Ahmadoglu, Director of Azerbaijan-based Political Innovations and
Technologies Center, in an interview to Azerbaijani media.

Leaving aside the bunk the respectful mubariz talked further in the
interview, we’ll just say the following: One should not be surprised
at the statements by such a notorious representative of the dynasty
regime of the Aliyevs, which came in power in Azerbaijan in 1993. The
respectful mubariz like all the other power representatives and
numerous ward heelers (centers, NGOs and others) in Azerbaijan cannot
think otherwise having used to the existence of the King Aliyev in
their country. The endless amounts that Heydar Aliyev Fund regularly
supplies to the above ward heelers for the anti-Armenian propaganda
have made them think that the country would not develop but for
the dynasty of the Aliyev Kings. Therefore, such mubarizes perceive
the leader of any country as a king and not a president elected for
specific term.

Actually, mubarizes and their masters Aliyevs would like to see
"at the helm" in Armenia someone similar to the Azerbaijani regime
and not a president elected for specific term whose successor may
wage quite unpredictable foreign policy. Unfortunately for them,
and fortunately for Armenians, Armenians are not Azerbaijanis and
President Serzh Sargsyan was elected by the people unlike Ilham Aliyev,
who has inherited his power.