Mustafa Kabakci: "Liberation Of The Occupied Azerbaijani Lands Is A


08 Dec 2009 12:14

Ankara. Mayis Alizadeh – APA. Chairman of Turkish-Azerbaijani
friendship group, member of the ruling Justice and Development Party
Mustafa Kabakci’s interview to APA

– On October 21 the Turkish parliament held general hearing on the
protocols signed with Armenia. What a phase this issue is now?

– Turkey has very exact position on these protocols. Our president,
prime minister and foreign minister made very clear statements, which
were addressed not only to the Turkish community. These statements
were made in France, Switzerland and Germany and at the Azerbaijani
parliament as well. Now we are waiting for the processes going around
the Karabakh issue. Everybody should do his duty. First article of the
OSCE Athens agenda was Nagorno Karabakh problem. Foreign ministers
seriously discussed this issue. At first we will see the Karabakh
processes and then discuss to put it to vote at the parliament or not.

– What do you mean under Karabakh processes? Do you mean liberation
of the Azerbaijani lands from Armenian occupation?

– Of course, I am talking about the liberation of the occupied lands.

This is duty number one for Turkey. Turkey was always together with
Azerbaijan in the Karabakh issue and will continue to do that. No
one can hesitate.

– There are "genocide" slanders in the West. What is your opinion, how
can Armenian Diaspora’s claims against Turkey effect on the processes?

-I will tell you a story. Once there lived an Athenian philosopher
named Totaris. He was appointed member of the Senate by the king. One
day the king tells him not to come to the senate. The philosopher
tells the king to dismiss him, if he does not want him to come to
the Senate. The king says he can not dismiss him and tells him not to
speak. The philosopher says "I will not speak if you do not ask. If
you ask, I will give right answers." The king says he will kill him
if he tells the truth. The philosopher says to the king: "My work is
to tell the truth, your work is to kill me. Let everybody do his work."

Now, let Armenia do its work, Turkey its work and so does Azerbaijan.

There was Armenian lobby yesterday, and it exists today. But Turkey
has changed. Turkey is much stronger now and no pressures can be
exerted on it. On March 1, 2003, Turkey rejected the draft decision
on sending the US troops to Iraq and demonstrated its force. I only
want to say to my Azerbaijani brothers: this is based on confidence
and trust. Let’s continue confiding in each other.

-Are there any signs of the resentment between Turkey and Azerbaijan
observed in the spring and autumn of 2009?

-This is transient. Transient things can not stir up discord between
the brothers. This arose from misunderstanding. It has been completely
eliminated. During my recent visit to Baku I saw Turkish flag on one
side of the handcart of a salesman and Azerbaijani flag on the other
side. I opened the window of the car and told the salesman our flags
will always be high. You also see the flags of Turkey and Azerbaijan
on my table. Our flags will always be high.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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