Erdogan Sprinted In Exactly The Opposite Direction: ANCA

12:44 / 12/09/2009

"Turkish Prime Minister Recp Tayyip Erdogan, having secured at least
temporarily, the silence of yet another Administration on the Armenian
Genocide, has used his U.S. visit to further press Turkey’s advantage
– dramatically escalating his genocide denial rhetoric, reinforcing
Turkey’s &’Protocols’ preconditions for lifting its blockade of
Armenia, and attempting to use Ankara’s new found leverage in the
Nagorno-Karabakh peace process to deliver a pro-Azerbaijani settlement
of this conflict," reads the press release available on the Armenian
National Committee of America (ANCA) website.

ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian underlined that "Today, more
than seven months into the silence of yet another U.S. Administration
on the Armenian Genocide, it’s painfully clear that Erdogan has not,
as President Obama had hoped, moved toward a full, frank and just
acknowledgement of the facts – but rather sprinted in exactly the
opposite direction, dramatically ramping up his denial rhetoric and
pressing more aggressively against U.S. recognition of this crime."

"As we’ve said from day one, for Erdogan and his government, the
Protocols are not about peace. They represent simply another tactic
by Turkey to extend U.S. complicity in Turkey’s denials from one
April 24th to the next," he added.

"In addition to escalating his Armenian Genocide denial demands,
Erdogan also made clear that his government would not respect either
of the two U.S. priorities for Turkey-Armenia normalization: no
preconditions and a reasonable timeframe," the source reads.

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