Police Carried Out March 1 Disorder, Says Pashinyan’s Attorney


Tert.am 04.12.09

Nikol Pashinyan’s trial resumed today at Yerevan’s Shengavit community
court. Once again, video footage was examined during the proceedings.

It was clearly evident in one of the videos shown, how in the presence
of armed forces, individuals in plainclothes were burning cars and
assaulting civilians. In connection with that clip, Pashinyan’s
attorney Lusine Sahakyan stated that the police had some connection
with all of that.

Agreeing with his attorney, Pashinyan said, "The unfortunate thing is,
they had come not to carry out their service, but to carry out other
actions, which were against the law."

Sahakyan noted that none of that has anything to do with Nikol
Pashinyan and with the mass event. She directed a question to the
prosecution, suggesting they orient themselves and explain what was
proven by this video, since, according to the attorney, the clips
could be considered powerful evidence that proved that the disorder,
burning and looting was carried out by the police.

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