Turkey – Leading Anti-Christian Nation Worldwide: Hellenic News Of A


Dec 3 2009

The military arrangement should be ended for a number of reasons,
including the fact that it was harmful to Greece, Cyprus and
Armenia. The Turkey-Israel military arrangement, initiated in 1996
during the Clinton administration by Vice President Gore’s office, was
not in the interests of the U.S. In effect, it demonstrated support of
Turkey’s invasion and occupation of Cyprus; support of Turkey’s denial
of the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides; support of Turkey’s
violations of the human and political rights of its Kurdish minority;
and support of Turkey’s numerous violations of religious freedom,"
The Hellenic News of America monthly reports.

"Obama has watered down his campaign statements and those of Vice
President Joe Biden. He has not ordered a critical review of the United
States-Turkey relations. He keeps talking as if Turkey is a loyal,
reliable ally of substantial importance and a bridge between East
and West and between Christians and Muslims. The facts are otherwise
and Obama’s rhetoric on Turkey is inaccurate, misleading and omits
important items," the source reads.

"Obama has failed to state that Turkey is giving full support to
the Iranian government and its tainted re-elected President Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad. Erdogan and Turkey’s president were among the first
foreign leaders to call and congratulate Ahmadinejad which was a
deliberate act against the opposition movement in Iran which movement
supported by most of the world community in its denunciation of the
election of Ahmadinejad as fraudulent. An editorial in the Los Angeles
Times, October 31, 2009, pointed out that Turkey, "NATO’s only Muslim
member is undermining Western efforts to keep nuclear weapons from
Iran by expanding trade ties," the monthly says.

"Turkey was founded on the ashes of Turkey’s genocides against its
Armenia, Greek and Assyrian Christian minorities in the 1920’s led
by Kemal Ataturk. Turkey was the leading anti-Christian nation in the
world in the 20th century, killing over 2,500,000 Christians. And today
it violates the religious freedom of the tiny Greek Orthodox Christian
minority of 2000 and the Ecumenical Patriarchate," the source informs.

"Turkey is also a leading anti-Semitic nation. The Erdogan government
has increased the anti-Israel rhetoric considerably over the past
several years.

Frankly, President Obama needs to do more than lecture. He needs to
consider putting U.S sanctions on Turkey," the monthly outlines.

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