Armenia to reply toughly to encroach on Karabakh

Aysor, Armenia
Nov 28 2009

Armenia to reply toughly to encroach on Karabakh

Armenia will prevent encroach on Karabakh and is ready to reply
toughly, said Armenia’s President Serge Sargsyan at today’s 12th
Congress of the Republican Party.

`Armenia stands from peace settlement of the Karabakh conflict through
peace talks, but we will prevent any single encroach on Karabakh and
are ready to reply using stringent methods,’ he said.

He added Armenia remains committed to principles signed in the
Republican Party and President’s programs: `The settlement of the
conflict is obviously a very complicated process and it will take many
years to solve it. But the current stage of settlement makes us
believe that the matter may reach its logical conclusion in a
reasonable time.’

Only those conflicts that stand from fair and reasonable mutual
concession receive long-term and stable solution. `Times of colonized
peoples, who live on their own, native territories, are gone. We
state: the Karabakh conflict must be resolved on declaration of will
of people of the Nagorno-Karabakh. Only in this case the solution can
be long-run, real, and finally peaceful,’ he said.

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