Turkey Not Looking To Restore Empire – Azerbaijani MP


Nov 24 2009

Fazil Mustafa The Turkish foreign minister is not talking about the
restoration of the empire when he speaks about the government’s policy
of neo-Ottomanism, Azerbaijani MP Fazil Mustafa said on Tuesday.

"I do not think Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu implied
the restoration of the empire, wars of occupation and the other
characteristics of an empire when he said the government conducts a
policy of neo-Ottomanism," Mustafa told 1news.az, commenting on remarks
by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu quoted in Takvim newspaper.

"Even if Turkey wants to restore the empire, neither the West nor
Russia will allow this. Therefore, the minister’s statements should
be viewed as a message to the country’s public that they want to go
back to Ottoman traditions in culture, the economy and foreign policy.

Turkey’s government thinks it can win voters with these slogans,"
Mustafa, leader of the Great Creation Party, said.

As for the impact of this policy on Azerbaijan, Fazil Mustafa
Gazanfaroglu said Azerbaijan had had great importance for Turkey
since the Ottoman period.

"Therefore, we should not be concerned at such statements. Turkey
views us as a fraternal state, therefore, it is cautious on opening
borders with Armenia. If there were another country, even Muslim,
in our place, Turkey would have long since normalized relations with
Yerevan. But Azerbaijan is a special case, it has a common language,
religion, culture and history with Turkey and this has made Ankara
review its relations with Armenia. Therefore, I can say that today
the opening of borders with Armenia has become a secondary issue for
Turkey," the MP said.

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