BAKU: Azerbaijani Scouts Demonstrate Superiority Over Armenian Child


Nov 17 2009

Day.Az interview with Azerbaijan Association of Scouts Chairman,
Eurasian Scout Fund President and Regional Scout Committee Deputy
Chairman Namiq Jafarov.

Day.Az: You head the only scout organization in Azerbaijan. To what
degree the Azerbaijani children are involved in a scout life?

Namiq Jafarov: First, I want to note that the Azerbaijan Scout
Association was founded in 1997. We entered into the World Organization
of Scout Movement in 2000. This allowed us to participate in all
international scouting events. The meeting of the Regional Scout
Organization was held in Baku in 2004. To hold such an event with
participation of the leading countries of Europe was difficult for
a young organization, but it took place in the highest level.

Since then scouting became more widespread in Azerbaijan leaving
behind some neighbors for its scales. This is evidenced by the fact
Azerbaijan annually holds international camp since 1998. We host
young people from different countries. This is a big indicator for us.

Azerbaijani children are happy to join us and represent the country
at international events. Scouting has become a way of life for many.

Q: How many scouts does your organization have?

A: Currently, our organization brings together 1,800 scouts throughout
the country. Each year about 500 children participate in scout camps
organized by the association. Over 300 million people have joined
scouts throughout the world.

We are open to all, but it does not mean that we accept all. The
main thing for us is not to become a scout, and to remain a scout in
future so that to play your role in society in a worthy manner. As
many as 28 million of scouts in 216 countries around the world seek
to change the world to the better.

Q: Is the key objective of scouting to organize leisure activities
for children?

A: Scouting is thought-out, pedagogically sound and proven system
of education, training and recreation for children. Established by
British intelligence officers Baden-Powell at the beginning of the
century, the Scout method proved very effective and resilient. Having
existed for nearly a century, it still has not lost its relevance.

Scouts are engaged in various activities including hiking, camping,
talks and discussions. Scouts from different countries travel a lot
and communicate with each other. They find friends in other countries
and help each other. Scouting aims at unity, it has no boundaries.

All scouting programs are aimed at knowledge of nature, perfection
and the formation of active integrated personality.

Q: You said that your children participate in international camps and
communicate with other children. Probably, they often meet Armenian
scouts …

A: We can not avoid it. But I am heartened by the fact that our
children demonstrate their superiority over the Armenian scouts in
international meetings and camps.

Of course, we place great importance on training of our scouts. Our
children are ahead of many scouts from the Eurasian region for level
of development, communication skills and initiative at international

Q: Why so much importance is attached to scouting in the world?

A: Because today’s scouts are future parliamentarians, businessmen
and public figures of the country. It educates leaders and patriots.

Scouting is very popular around the world. The country which lacks
a scout organization is consider undeveloped. It hurts the image of
the country and is considered undemocratic. Therefore, many states
establish scout organizations in their own country and allocate funds
worth $200,000 for their development.

Q: And who supports you?

A: We have always received attention. We cooperate with Ministry
of Youth and Sports, as well as with UNDP, SOROS, UNFPA, Save The
Children, the World Organization of the Scout Movement, BP oil company,
UNCEF and UNCER. Donors have helped us in organizing the camps and
various projects.

This helps us to move along a path to development.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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