Specialists Suspect That A Swine Flu Case Discovered In Armenia


Noyan Tapan
Nov 9, 2009

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 9, NOYAN TAPAN. A flu case was discovered in
Armenia, which is suspected to be the A/H1N1 flu (swine flu). As NT
correspondent was informed by Liana Torosian, Chief Specialist of RA
Ministry of Health State Hygienic Anti-epidemiological Inspection, the
patient is a foreign citizen, he has been hospitalized and currently
is at Nork Infectious Hospital.

According to L. Torosian, the patient has been examined, the analyses
have been sent to London referent laboratory for a more detailed
examination. In her words, the results of the examination will become
clear only in a month.

"We call the population for not falling into panic, the situation is
stable at present, there is no need to worry. The patient has received
all necessary vaccinations and now feels well," L. Torosian said.

Meanwhile she said that the foreigner had entered Armenia by the
land border.

L. Torosian said that seasonal flu cases are recorded every year and
as always this year also proper preventive and anti-epidemiological
measures are undertaken. For avoiding the flu virus she advised to
often wash the hands, to stay at home when having symptoms of flu,
to avoid communicating with people and to go to doctor.

L. Torosian also said that strict control is also exercised at
Zvartnots airport. Two termometers placed there fix even 36.6-37 degree
temperature. In her words, there were people having high temperature
among passengers arriving in Armenia but after the laboratory
examination it was found out that they are not cases of A/H1N1 flu.

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