Armenian Premier On Government Programs

Nov 9 2009

While trying to implement the RA Government’s IT programs, they
out-dated, RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan stated at the ArmTech
Congress ’09 in San Jose, California, USA.

In the course of his three-day visit to the U.S., Armenian Premier
discussed the programs carried out jointly with representatives of
"Renaissance" and "Senator Graphics" U.S. companies. Sargsyan stated
that he has "drawn a number of helpful lessons" from the meetings,
RA Governmental Press service informed

The Armenian Premier pointed out that the meetings give Armenia an
exceptional opportunity to adjust its economic strategy. His visit to
the Silicon Valley demonstrated the need for amending the RA Government
programs. "Our programs are out-dated and we have to reload them,"
the Armenian Premier said.

"During one of the meetings with a large company representatives,
I heard an amazing idea: It is large companies that should come to
Armenia, not vice versa. The world is getting smaller, and competition
between the majors is getting stronger," the Armenian Premier said.

In his speech, Sargsyan also made a point of the Armenian Genocide,
Armenia-Diaspora ties and Armenian-Turkish relations and presented
Armenia’s official stance.

On the last day of his visit, Sargsyan visited the Plug and Play tech
center and familiarized himself with its programs and capabilities. A
cooperation agreement between the Enterprise Incubator Foundation
(Armenia) and Plug and Play was reached.

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