Armenian National Congress Demands TV And Radio Competition Be Re-Es


Nov 6 2009

Armenian National Congress circulated a statement recently which refers
to the situation of the press in Armenia, as well as to freedom of
speech: The statement, in part, says.

"The October 22 National Assembly hearings on the Digitalization of
TV and Radio Broadcasting and its Consequences proved once again that
efforts are made at the state level in Armenia to violate the right
to freedom of speech.

"With the amendments made to the Republic of Armenia Law on TV and
Radio on September 10, 2008, competitions for broadcasting licenses
became prohibited in Armenia till July 20, 2010. The Government
of the Republic of Armenia justified the initiative by saying that
digitalization of broadcasting was being introduced in Armenia.

"Considering the amendments to the RA Law on TV and Radio made in
September 2008 to be a means, by which, in essence, TV companies
that are outside the governing leaders’ control were deprived of the
opportunity to return to broadcasting through [fair] competition,
the Armenian National Congress condemns governing leaders’ continuous
activities in repressing freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

"ANC demands re-establishment of competition and freedom of press in
TV and radio, in accordance with the principles of market relations
and freedom of speech, as it is ensured by the obligations Armenia
assumes in the international arena. As a first step, it is necessary
to undergo an international audit on TV and radio frequency domain
as quickly as possible."

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