Stepan Safarian: Today International Structures Are Inclined To Meet


Noyan Tapan
Nov 4, 2009

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 4, NOYAN TAPAN. Unless the international community
meets Azerbaijan’s strivings in the issue of Nagorno Karabakh
settlement, Azerbaijan threatens to resume the war. RA NA Zharangutiun
(Heritage) faction head Stepan Safarian expressed such an opinion at
a November 4 press conference. In his words, today the international
structures are inclined to meet Azerbaijan’s strivings. According
to S. Safarian, evidence of it is the statement of EU Special
Representative for the South Caucasus Peter Semneby that the issue
of Nagorno Karabakh status should be left for indefinite future.

According to deputy’s observation, putting the Armenian side before the
alternative "war or compromises" they incite us to make concessions.

Touching upon the Armenian-Turkish protocols S. Safarian said that by
their signing the Armenian authorities gave Turkey a possibility to
become an OSCE Minsk Group member and to have influence on the Nagorno
Karabakh settlement. And in general, as the Zharangutiun representative
stressed, the situation formed after the signing of the protocols is
deadlock. In his words, the reason is that Turkey always strives for
linking the normalization of relations with Armenia with the Nagorno
Karabakh problem.

According to S. Safarian, Armenia’s wish at the current stage is quick
ratification of the protocols for Turkey not to continue linking
them with the Nagorno Karabakh settlement. And Turkey is afraid of
adoption of the Armenian Genocide Resolution in the U.S. Senate. "On
the one hand, Turkey will try to avoid the prospect of recognition
of the Genocide in the U.S., on the other hand, will try not to lose
Azerbaijan’s confidence," S. Safarian predicted.

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