BAKU: Armen Sargsyan Vs Serzh Sargsyan: Calls For Criminal Responsib

By Hamid Hamidov

Nov 3 2009

The hysteria fed by understandings that aggressive ambitions will
soon perish, actually, strikes Armenian separatists’ brains more and
more day by day.

Consequently, statements heard from opposite side of the frontline
do not tally with the notion of "a sober mind."

The statement of the kind last came from the "Head" of "parliamentary
faction" of "ARF-Movement-88" of "National Assembly" of the so-called
"Nagorno-Karabakh Republic" (NKR) Armen Sargsyan while he unexpectedly
called on "the NKR authorities" to file criminal charges against
those who call into question the territorial integrity of "the NKR"
on Oct. 28.

"The people of "NKR" through "nation-wide referendum" adopted
the "NKR’s Constitution", which clearly specifies our borders and
territorial integrity. I appeal to "NKR’s law enforcement agencies"
and suggest bringing to justice all the citizens who cast doubt on our
territorial integrity in the context of compromise or other options,"
Armen Sargsyan said in a statement.

I think well-informed people will confirm that when a man realizes that
the situation is desperate, he in a frantic and nervous manner invents
ways out of the situation that seem faithful to him whilst even more
revealing all the hopelessness. Armen Sargsyan understands very well
that he will soon say good-buy to his "MP" title in the so-called
"NKR". He is most likely concerned on his fate. The understanding
that he is needlessness in Armenia leads him undoubtedly to a true

The point is that he even does not realize that by making such
statements he is calling for arrest of the Armenian president, his
namesake Serzh Sargsyan, and the entire government of this country.


Things are so simple. Many politicians and political experts in
Armenia and "NKR" prefer not to remember that a while ago the Armenian
president undersigned, as one of the conflicting sides, an agreement
on commitment to a peaceful solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

So, Armenia will not recognize the independence of "NKR" after such
a step. It is unreasonable at least.

Nevertheless, another Sargsyan, but this time Armen, persistently calls
on to imprison all who reject the territorial integrity of so-called

Now it is difficult to decide what to offer to Mr. Sargsyan. Maybe,
he’d better to be more abrupt in his attempts to deal with his

To be serious, I would advise Armen Sargsyan to go to church more often
to ask forgiveness from God and from those whom he and politicians
like him deprived of life, left without their native land, shelter
and quiet sleep.

Pray, Mr. Sargsyan. Believe me, that’s what you have to do today.

Everything will change very soon. More precisely, all will fall into
its place …

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