U.S. Makes Use Of Armenian-Turkish Process


Oct 28 2009

Today editor of Washington-based paper The Armenian reporter, Emil
Sanamyan, met with journalists. Speaking about the U.S. situation
around the current round of Armenian-Turkish relations, especially
citing the situation in Diaspora – which strongly stresses issue of
Genocide, Emil Sanamyan said that U.S. President and Congress hadn’t
recognized Genocide before Armenian-Turkish reconciliation. U.S. has
its own reasons not to, he said.

"Today U.S. makes use of Armenian-Turkish process not to allow
resolution on Armenian Genocide to be considered at Congress," says
Emil Sanamyan.

In his opinion, Armenia’s authorities have correct objectives related
to the policy of neighborhood and relations with the west-states. He
also stressed the importance of the result of Armenian-Turkish
negotiations, in particular, the border opening and improving the
living conditions of Armenians who live in Turkey. Nevertheless,
Emil Sanamyan says he opposes against the current content of protocols.

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