VivaCell-MTS: The Country Of Tomorrow Is What We Build Today


2009-10-22 12:27:00

ArmInfo. On October 21st General Manager Ralph Yirikian met with the
students of the Yerevan State Economic University Yeghegnadzor branch,
the Company press service reports.

Ralph Yirikian read a lecture to the students, having introduced them
the five-year experience of the Company work in Armenia. He also paid
attention to the fact that the Company discloses the common values
shared by the VivaCell-MTS family, such as the respect to subscribers
and partners, the quality of the provided services, innovativeness and
much more. "The best way to have professionally trained human resources
and to avoid the brain drain from the country is to meet the needs of
the future professionals. The winners are those who are not afraid
of sharing the secrets of success, rather those, who are happy with
the success they reach alone. VivaCell-MTS has been supporting this
approach from the very start. It is also a manifestation of how the
Corporate Responsible Management model works in practice. We wish to
see a country with a knowledge-based developing economy. The mission
of our business is to provide continuous education", Ralph Yirikian
said in his lecture.

To recall, the lecture "VivaCell-MTS – Business with a Mission",
– a novice model of cooperation with universities, – is a perfect
opportunity for the students from various regions of the country,
the future professionals of Armenia to find answers to numerous
questions of interest.

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