NKR Status-Quo Will Not Be Violated: Giragosian


Information-Analytic Agency NEWS.am
Oct 22 2009

Nagorno-Karabakh status quo will not be violated in the near future,
Head of the Armenian Center for National and International Studies
(ACNIS) Richard Giragosian told NEWS.am.

Progress in Karabakh issue is not expected unless Baku gives up its
radical position on the matter. "Following the recent developments,
Baku luckily is not inclined to reposition its stance," Giragosian
outlined. According to him, Armenian and Azerbaijani President’s
meeting in Chisinau proved the parties so far have a long way to

"Certainly, OSCE Minsk Group does its utmost to dispel such opinion
persuading the parties to make optimistic statements but progress in
the matter is far off, as new OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair Robert Bradtke
(U.S.) did not well informed of the situation and will do his best
to buy time," Giragosian noted.

He did not share the experts’ opinion that after Armenia-Turkey
Protocols’ ratification Karabakh issue will be settled. "Turkey’s more
frequent statements on NKR conflict are only testing the Armenian
side, as well as the U.S. and European community’s reaction,"
Giragosian concluded.

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