Ararat Zurabyan: ARF’s Activities A Sham


Information-Analytic Agency
Oct 21 2009
Armenia Mr. Zurabyan, the trial of the case of Nikol Pahsinyan,
Editor-in-Chief of the Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper, has begun. What
verdict can be expected?

Zurabyan: I do not expect anything from the trial. I have expectations
in connection with Nikol Pahsinyan. I think he will take advantage
and inform the public of the actual events on March 1, 2008. It is
obvious from his very first steps, as his petition challenging the
judge shows he is right, and it will be the right trial. Legally,
the case has no prospects – it has always been a political rather
than legal case. The authorities have constantly been trying to
turn it into a legal one and get the public to make at least slight
concessions. I do not think it is possible. In any case, our people
will gain victory, Nikol will gain victory. I hope that we will soon
witness Nikol going out of the courtroom. Besides Pahsinyan, about twenty active oppositionists are
behind bars. What is their fate?

Zurabyan: First, I would like to mention a fact not much talked about.

Of course, every person wants to be released as soon as possible. On
the other hand, I think our society should be proud of the people that
struggled and did not take any steps to the authorities’ advantage.

Their position and behavior are those of heroes. I am sure they will
be released if possible. It also depends on our everyday struggle –
the better it is organized the sooner they will be released. You have mentioned everyday struggle. The ANC, however,
has taken a timeout. Even Armenia’s first president pointed out that
the ANC is unable to change power by itself. In your opinion, is the
timeout policy justifiable?

Zurabyan: First, I do not share the opinion on a timeout to say
whether it is right or wrong. There is no timeout. The fact is that a
considerable part of our society, so to say, was asleep while we were
predicting further processes in Armenia. We were organizing rallies,
warning and struggling. And we go on struggling and warning our
public that even worse processes will take place, processes involving
Nagorno-Karabakh – and they have almost taken place. Stating that
the ANC’s potential is not sufficient to change power, we urge the
public to unite and join us in the struggle for justice, restoration
of constitutional order – for changing power. And this process is
developing. We were, are and will be engaged in politics, however long
it may continue. I do not think the problem is holding or not holding
rallies. The problem is when the best results can be achieved, which,
however, requires a little more potential that our society has.

I point out with regret that the day after the Armenian-Turkish
Protocols were signed, a considerable part of our public celebrated
the Erebuni-Yerevan festival if as nothing had happened in Armenia. It
will be most difficult for us to achieve any results until our public
"comes to its senses." We are doing our best to explain to the public
what should be done. We are trying to enlarge our ranks, get stronger
and achieve this aim.

It is consistent work, and neither I nor others wishing to see the
results a little earlier are satisfied with its rates. In this context, do you consider it possible to use the
potential of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun
(ARFD) and of the Heritage Party? How "sincere" are their actions?

Zurabyan: As regards the Heritage Party, I cannot make any comments –
time will settle the matters straight. As regards the ARF, I have made
my appraisal. I think they are launching sham activities coordinated
with the authorities. I do not think they will ever have a wish to
get rid of these authorities.

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