Harutyunyan: Chess Diplomacy, Not Football Diplomacy


Saturday, October 17

"Armenian-Turkish relations are more "chess diplomacy", than "football
diplomacy"," such a statement made member of the Armenian Republican
Party Hamlet Harutyunyan at today’s press-conference. "Chess are
closer to diplomacy," he explained.

When asked by Aysor’s correspondent how white and black lay now,
the deputy said "Clever players wield both white and black. Thus,
these relations are likely chess, and the winner is the stronger
player in diplomacy regardless of chess pieces."

In his opinion, Armenian-Turkish relations more depend on our internal
situation, and Armenia will benefit from solidarity – among nation
and political forces.

Meanwhile, according to the deputy, some political parties and their
leaders try to use the current situation for creating the basis of
future elections, which, however, they will not succeed.

Speaking about possible non-ratification of the protocols, the
politician said that there were any concerns, however, "it’s not good
to spread defeatist among people."

"It’s not clear why the Turkish opposition is against the protocols
and why it is so aggressive. Propagandizing the ideology of Massacre
of Turks by Armenians over 90 years, the Turkish government inspired
Turkish that Armenians killed Turks," he said adding that Armenian side
at least has arguments and facts against this propaganda. In all cases,
if the diplomatic ties establish, the truth will reach people’s minds.

He also expressed confidence that Turkey’s Government will adopt the
ratification as it is keen on the EU-membership.