Goran Lennmarker: The Situation On Karabakh More Optimistic Than Eve


16.10.2009 11:34

"The situation when it comes to Nagorno-Karabakh is rather
optimistic," OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s special representative for
Nagorno-Karabakh, and the special envoy on Georgia Goran Lennmarker
said after a meeting with the delegations of Azerbaijan, Armenia and
Georgia to the OSCE PA at the Parliamentary Assembly’s autumn session
in Greece.

There have been many meetings between the foreign ministers, and also
the presidents of the two countries – Armenia and Azerbaijan; and this
is the sign that the negotiations are intensified, and my personal view
is that there is a good opportunity for a solution," Lennmarker said.

Asked whether the sides are about to come closer and there is a golden
opportunity in the settlement of the conflict, Goran Lennmarker said:
"I said that even four years ago, a golden opportunity, and sometimes
one may think for how long is an opportunity; but I am glad to say
that I think the situation now, late 2009, is more optimistic than
I have ever seen before."

Touching on the protocols signed between Turkey and Armenia, OSCE
representative considers that it will have a positive influence on
the entire region.

"I think the Turks have made a great contribution for the situation
with Armenia but also for the region of Southern Caucasus. I will
also mention that the European Union through its Eastern partnership
is now – finally, I would say, come in and also give a positive
contribution. And that was a positive thing also for Georgia," he said.

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