The Results Of The "Hay Fest" Festival Summed Up

Friday, October 09

"To our opinion the festival was interesting, we had good performances,
master classes on which were present not only the Armenian students
but also students from Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, we had also
a powerful Iranian program", – the director of the 7th international
theatric festival "Hay Fest" Arthur Ghukasyan said summing up the

>From October 1 to October 8 the "Hay Fest" seventh international
theatric festival was being held, on which were present 33 theatrical
groups from 22 countries. More than 50 performances were presented on
16 stages as well as open air performances in the square of Charles
Aznavour in Yerevan.

A. Ghukasyan informed that the Armenian audience is especially
interested in dramatic performances, performances of "Theatre of
puppets, fingers and things" and the modern dance theatres.

"Naturally we must continue bringing different genres for making
new style performances here too", – underlined A. Ghukasyan. By the
words of the director several Armenian theatre groups have greatly
interested the representatives of the foreign theatric groups.

"For example the two performances of the "Mihr" plastic theatre,
"Color" and "The 10 commandments of Komitas" interested the
representatives of the foreign theatres", – A. Ghukasyan stressed
and added that the performance of NPAK called "Hi dear death" has
interested the foreigners too, as well as the finger performance of
H. Tumanyan puppet theatre directed by Zara Antonyan. The performance
is called "Fairy tale cut from the cloud", etc.

Speaking about the upcoming plans A. Ghukasyan informed that the
participants of the "Hay Fest" festival are preparing to create a
net of theatres of CIS countries. Besides that he mentioned that he
is going to stay a mediator for presenting the Armenian theatres in
the festivals of foreign countries.

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